PagerDuty® Runbook Automation Joins the PagerDuty Process Automation Portfolio

We’re thrilled to share some exciting product announcements.

First, we’ve officially rebranded our automation product line, Rundeck ® , as PagerDuty® Process Automation . Fundamentally, everyone who buys Rundeck becomes a PagerDuty customer, so we decided to make it less confusing.

Second, our runbook automation cloud service (announced last fall as “Rundeck Cloud”) is now generally available. This was included in the rebrand, so we chose to name it according to what it does: “ PagerDuty Runbook Automation. ” PagerDuty Runbook Automation is a SaaS-based offering within our PagerDuty Process Automation portfolio that’s designed to automate operations procedures so that a wider range of people in an organization can utilize them.

Finally, we are announcing version 4.0 of Rundeck Enterprise, which will now be known as “ PagerDuty Process Automation On-Prem .” PagerDuty Process Automation On-Prem is self-managed software that supports a wide range of process automation use-cases.

Read more about the details here!