PagerDuty Ringtones

With our mobile app, you have some custom ringtones to choose from instead of the standard sounds provided by the OS. Here are some of the custom ones we’ve added from our users and our own team.

To use custom ringtones, all you need is to enable PagerDuty app push notifications on your device.

Community Contributions

Something’s Broken

PagerDuty Barbershop Quartet

These ringtones were recorded by our own team!


Network’s Down

Hard Drives

Time to Wake

Server’s on Fire

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Great! How do I upload my own ringtones?

You can upload mp3 and wav files in the forums by just dragging them into the editor or clicking the upload button, or you can paste a link to audio files hosted elsewhere and a player will appear automatically.

For example, pasting in this URL:

Automatically hides the URL and shows this player instead:

One more thing: when pasting a URL, make sure it’s on its own line and that is has a blank line above and below it. That way you’ll get a pretty-pretty onebox with a player in it and all that jazz.

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Thanks Alex, tried to upload but seems like that feature is not available for new user. Will try to paste the file to dropbox link.

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Whoops, sorry about that… totally forgot you do need to reach trust level 1 in order to upload files!

Your SoundCloud embed works well though :slight_smile:

I just set up PagerDuty’s app for the first time in a long while for my new job.

These alerts are PRICELESS! :smile:


So, with the iphone app, how can I add my own custom alert tones?

At the moment, the PagerDuty app cannot override system sounds on iOS, unfortunately. This is due to Apple’s API, which does not allow developers to override a device’s sound at the moment. We will need to look into this after Apple exposes that part of their API to developers.

To add to that, you can still use custom ringtones by adding PagerDuty’s vCard to your phone and assigning your custom sound to the PagerDuty contact.

It seems like the app will only let us select from the iOS “Alert” tones. The PD app isn’t allowed to access the normal ringtones?

Hi Glenn! That’s a great question.

Because of the way that iOS handles push notification tones, every tone we offer has to be packaged in the app, increasing its size. Therefore we had to be judicious about what was included. If there’s a specific tone you’d like to hear, let us know.


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Not sure if this thread is still active! I would love to see the audio from this video as a ringtone if that’s at all possible :slight_smile:

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The ability of a mobile app to access and use ringtones on a device can depend on the app’s design, the platform’s restrictions, and the permissions granted to the app. Here are some considerations:

  1. App Design:
  • Some apps may have their own set of sounds or tones that they include internally for notifications. In such cases, the app might limit users to select from a predefined list of sounds that are packaged with the app.
  1. Platform Restrictions:
  • On iOS, apps are generally restricted in their ability to directly access Indiana system-level settings, including the full set of ringtones available on the device. Apple imposes certain limitations to ensure security and privacy.

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