PagerDuty Pulse Q2 July 2020: Manage, Automate, and Mobilize When Moments Matter

Catch up on all the exciting things we’ve released over the past several months. In this edition of PagerDuty Pulse, you’ll get a view into everything the Product and Engineering teams have delivered to our customers since May. From our Spring Release to the July Product Update, the content is packed with amazing presentations and demos delivered by our very own Product Managers!

We’re excited to release and share new enhancements across all of our products (On-Call Management, Modern Incident Response, Event Intelligence, Analytics, Visibility), as well as the core platform.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new, flexible webinar format that allows you to view the complete version of the webinar, or only what you feel would best suit your curiosity and the needs of your team(s).

In this webinar, we’ll introduce the following capabilities that help you manage the noise, automate workflows, mobilize teams in the moments that matter, and respond to business-critical incidents where you are with precision—when your business depends on it:

Proactive Incident Response, Intelligent Response and Automation, Readiness, and Visibility

  • Dependency-Aware Related Incidents
  • Paused Incident Notifications
  • Service Profile updates
  • Service Health Dashboard
  • Visibility Console 2.0

Real-Time Business Orchestration

  • My On-Call Shifts
  • My On-Call Shifts Widget

Work Where You Are With The Tools You Love

  • Mobile App Lock
  • Updated Mobile Incident Actions Menu
  • Impacting Incidents – Mobile Status Dashboard
  • Jira Server and Data Center integration
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • RunDeck integration
  • Ayehu integration
  • Pliant integration

Developer Love

  • App Event Transformers
  • Analytics API (early access)