PagerDuty Office Hours


A PagerDuty expert will host a session where attendees can ask questions about a variety of popular configuration topics listed below. They may either talk through questions with you out loud, provide demos in the platform to provide a visual, or walk you through issues in your own account wherein you can share your screen if desired. Before attending each office hours, please view the accompanying video per topic, since they may answer your preliminary questions and allow your host to focus on more complex and strategic questions.

Note: These online eLearning courses have not yet been released to the wider public PagerDuty user base, but we are releasing early as a soft launch in order to support our customers during this time. These courses are available for your convenience. We suggest that following these courses you attend office hours to ask questions and learn more.

We are looking forward to hosting you!

*Have a question? Contact our PagerDuty University Team and we’ll have someone reach out to you right away.