PagerDuty Incidents doesnot tag Assignees in slack

I have integrated PagerDuty + Slack. But when incidents are created and communicated in slack channel, I was PagerDuty Message to Tag the assignee. Is such a feature already available? If so please help me with tagging assignees in slack upon the incident creation .


Hello Niteesh,

So the Incident notification is being sent to a Group Channel, right? No, it would not tag the on call user at this time. The user would need to acknowledge the Incident, possibly via Slack. But I see value in this ask so will be raising it with the Product Team as a Feature Request.

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IMHO it’s enough to send a message into a Slack channel with incident details like the assignee.

As an assignee, if I want a Slack notification for PagerDuty incidents, I would prefer to update my PagerDuty notification settings (eg: a Slack notification prior to a phone call). So the feature can be: add a Slack DM option in the user notification settings if the user has linked his/her Slack account to PagerDuty.
NB: the Slack DM may add a link to the Slack message in the channel in addition to the link to the PagerDuty WebUI.

Hope Niteesh and the PagerDuty team will find my opinion useful.


Hi Sebastien,

Thank you for sharing your feedback and workaround suggestion! We’ve also shared this feedback with the Product team.