PagerDuty Incident Response Documentation

Earlier this year, we open-sourced the PagerDuty Incident Response Documentation. I’m interested in getting any feedback on the docs from the community. Have they been useful to you? Would you like to see extra information added? Do you have questions about the process that the documentation didn’t quite cover?

I’d also love to hear from any folks who do things differently! Perhaps there’s ways we can incorporate parts of your process into our own.

Read the PagerDuty Incident Response Documentation


I was not aware of this information. Very nice material, thanks for opening this up to the public. I found the writing style very clean and enjoyable to read. I particularly liked the strong emphasis on the notion that an individual on call is not alone and that a good backup process is critical because “real life”.

On interesting thing about our team is if we had a SME, Commander, and Scribe, we would all be on every call :wink:
However, the the job functions are still important, even when handling an incident by yourself. It is good to have those functions described, regardless of how many humans are assigned to them.