Pagerduty configurations backup

Hi everyone!

Is there any chance to backup or export/import Pagerduty configurations?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Gianmarco,

There isn’t a way to directly export and import a configuration however we do have our REST API which can be used to obtain and update accounts with details.

We also have a Professional Services team who can help with these requests.

If interested, kindly reach out to or your Account Manager!

Hi Geeth,

it seems our mail filter doesn’t like community notification, sorry for the very late reply.
We are looking for a way to backup our configurations, in case of unfortunate changes or similar events.
Thanks for your feedback!

have a good day


One option is to manage your entire configuration with Terraform, so can essentially have all of this kept in GitHub and controlled as your golden standard.

Our Professional Services team can certainly help with use of our APIs to build other solutions that may work for you.