PagerDuty Community Sponsorship Program


Will you sponsor my meetup?

We are happy to support local user groups and meetups focused on education and improvements in the DevOps community. PagerDuty’s Community Team will sponsor up to 3 events per month. Requests must be made at least 30 days before the event is to take place. Groups are only allowed to receive sponsorship 2x each calendar year.

Please see the process and requirements below to apply for sponsorship.

Community Sponsorship Process

  • Requesting group confirms their event meets below qualifying requirements
  • Requesting group submits Community Sponsorship form (at the bottom of this page)
  • PagerDuty’s Community Team will review submissions and respond within 2 weeks

Qualifying events

In order to qualify for PagerDuty Community Sponsorship, your group’s event must:

  1. Have and adhere to a Code of Conduct
  2. Include a speaker presenting on a DevOps or Incident Response topic
  3. Be hosted in an office or community space (i.e. not a bar)
  4. Have at least 20 people in attendance
  5. Acknowledge our privacy policy and our Community Policy

What we offer

  • Up to $200 sponsorship donation towards the organization

What we ask in return

  • You use the funds to provide food and beverages to your attendees at your meetup or to pay for the use of the meeting space.
  • You give us a shout out at the meet up (we provide you with our logo if you have slides) and on social media and on your Meetup event page
  • If we have an employee in your area we’d love to give our thanks for 1 minute in front of your meetup group
  • Ability to send PagerDuty swag ahead of time to hand out at your event


  • We ask that you request sponsorship at least 30 days before your event.
  • PagerDuty’s Community Team will review submissions and respond within 2 weeks of submission.

Request Community Sponsorship


Loved the initiative! :grin:
Would request for the sponsorship, once I’m back form my vacation.
Currently, I see there are no ‘PagerDuty meetups’ happening in Bangalore. But would start one soon.

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Hi Chetan - we’re glad you like the program, and look forward to you applying.

And you’re right - we don’t currently have any PagerDuty meet-ups - keep us posted if you start one, we’d love to support!


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