PagerDuty and ServiceNow Integration - Worknotes extremely noisy

Problem/Complaint: When a PagerDuty Incident is linked with ServiceNow, the ServiceNow Activities feed explodes with extraneous worknotes and system related events. This makes reading the ticket quite challenging as you have to weed through a lot of noise.

As an example if someone adds a note in the ServiceNow ticket, it syncs to PagerDuty (which is great) but then PagerDuty will also post that note back into the ServiceNow ticket. Also when the ticket is assigned, it has two entries. One from ServiceNow, and one from PagerDuty.

Solution: Move all notes from this integration into it’s own tab, similar to the PagerDuty Response tab which tracks responder status or maybe provide a configuration to to choose which type of notes/events to sync between systems.

I have poked around the Business rules, and script actions/includes, but before I start customizing this integration too muc, has anyone found a viable solution to this? Or perhaps there are some Enhancements in the works from the PagerDuty team to address some of these use cases.


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Hi Paul, not a bad suggestion but just want to ensure you don’t have an issue with your configuration. Are you saying that when you post a note from SNOW to Pagerduty it then echos the message back to SNOW? That does not happen in my configuration. Remember that these notes are being provided to ensure important information between the two systems in synchronized. Also, although it may seem verbose it’s not visible to the customer. My “SNOW->PD” note showed up in PD properly and did not get echoed back into SNOW. We are always enhancing our SNOW integration and just came out with a maintenance release so you may also want to check into that.