PagerDuty Analytics Best Practices

Table of Contents

PagerDuty Analytics features are powered by use of the PagerDuty product platform. While all customers can get value from PagerDuty Analytics, proper use and configuration of certain features that are available in all plans can enhance the value of this add-on product.

User Timezones

Throughout the various PagerDuty Analytics user experiences, metrics are often surfaced by time of day. In order to understand the true impact of incidents on responders, all users should ensure that the timezone is set accordingly in their user profile.


Operational Review Analytics uses PagerDuty’s Teams feature to segment views into the data. Ensuring that teams are defined, match your org chart, and all users are a member of at least one team will result in a richer PagerDuty Analytics experience. Check out our Knowledge Base article on Team On-Call Handoff Reviews for more details.


The Service object in PagerDuty can be used in a variety of ways, but it is a best practice to setup PagerDuty services so they align with the technical (micro) services that power your digital products.

Business Services

Business Services offers a simple way to define how technical services align to products and/or customer experiences. Setting up Business Services will allow PagerDuty Analytics the opportunity to better describe how real-time operations impact your business and your customers.

Incident Priority

Consistent use of the Priority feature to designate incident severity will result in greater understanding of the types of incidents that have the greatest impact on your business and customers. Operational Review Analytics utilizes the top two priority levels as set by each customer to determine if an incident is major (customer impacting) or not. Intelligent Dashboards can be grouped and filtered by priority for a more detailed view into incident types and impact.

Open Source Guide

PagerDuty has a long history of open-sourcing guides, process, and concepts that can make the lives of our customers and peers better. In that spirit, we’ve open-sourced a guide on how to run operational reviews with metrics. While it is not required to use the process outlined in this guide, the scorecards in Operational Review Analytics are aligned to these concepts.