PagerDuty Agent(pdagent) develop and updated roadmap

I’m using pdagent with zabbix server.
I have some request for this product such as

Optional Zabbix client url as “url” property

Custom incident_key for zabbix

( It’s already in PR or ISSUE) however most of them is no reply or comment.
Therefore I want to know roadmap or future plans of this community?

This is off the topic, but
I created pd-agent with golang (
Check it out : )

Hello Masataka,

Thank you for your inquiry. We have released version 1.6.2 of the PagerDuty Agent, which includes these changes. The agent can be installed by following this guide.

We appreciate your feedback.

Somewhat related - but if you are using Zabbix 4.4+ you no longer need to use the pd-agent and can send webhooks using the new Webhook Media Type directly to PagerDuty. I also have created a new bi-directional integration for Zabbix 4.4+ and am looking for folks to try that out.