Pager duty updates not sync back to servicenow

I have latest servicenow pagerduty app(7.5) installed in servicenow. Whenever i create a high priority incident in servicenow then a corresponding incident is getting created in pagerduty. Whenever i update priority or notes in servicenow it gets sync to pagerduty. But this is not happening from pagerduty side.
Whenever i am updating priority and notes in pagerduty then it is not getting updated in servicenow.

Please get in touch with us at and we can take a closer look at this!

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I found that the useraccount in servicenow was locked out. After unlocking this I am able to get the notes update but priority is still not getting sync from pagerduty to servicenow.

Please reach out to us via email at so we can get more info about your specific configuration so we can troubleshoot further!

Did you complete the priority mapping in ServiceNow?

When you change the priority on a PagerDuty incident, you must take some other action like adding a note. This is the only way to send the update to ServiceNow via our webhooks at this time.

Yes, i checked the priority mappings in servicenow . All set there.
As you suggested, I have update the priority in pagerduty and then updated the notes. but still this is not getting synced

I have send an email to support team as well


To help us find patterns or discrepancies that could explain this behavior, there are a few pieces of information which will be critical to our progress. Please send me the following as soon as possible:

  1. A screenshot of your PagerDuty settings page in ServiceNow
  2. A screenshot of the priority mapping within ServiceNow
  3. The ID of the ServiceNow incident, both where it worked fine from ServiceNow to PagerDuty, and one for when it didnt work from PagerDuty to ServiceNow
  4. The ID of the PagerDuty incident

Finally, if your logs were not set to debug, please set them to debug now and let me know if you are able to reproduce the problematic behavior.

Since these details will include Account details which are security sensitive, please let’s keep the communication to the Support ticket.


Are you able to change the priority of your SN incident from say a P3 to a P1 directly on the SN incident form without performing any other actions like filling out some other required fields, adding a work note, etc.?