Override schedule involved lot of manual work


Currently, when we need to override for an on-call person for a week and who is on-call for only a specific time every day, we need to select each day schedule and create an override.

When we select start and end date then the entire layer is override rather than only the time for which he is on-call.

Is there any plan to improve the override portion to specify the start and end dates with a time range, so that on a single click override happens for all selected dates for that time range only.

I see similar /forum/t/better-schedule-overriding/987 Do we have any updates on this.


We have a feature request with PagerDuty for this exact issue but no updates as yet. Sorry.

Thanks for letting me know.

Hi @ashwin46,

I’m on the Product team at PagerDuty. We’re currently working ways to improve this workflow that we hope to release within the next several months! I’ll reach out on this thread if there are any early access opportunities.

Thanks for your feedback!