Out of Office ability

It’s incredibly hard to manage 30 people on round-robin shifts with no Personal Settings > Out of Office ability. Every time we have a team member leave or join different groups/timezones, all our shifts get moved around, and people who already swapped shifts to avoid important personal events, have to then swap/manual override again or two new people need to do the same thing that the previous two did (which is now irrelevant). It’s painful and can catch people out, causing stress and anxiety.
I see requests going back to 2019 for some kind of basic ability for a user to set when they will be unavailable to have an assigned on-duty shift, but I can’t see that this has ever been implemented. Is the a timeline, or does anyone have a good method to avoid this kind of disorganization with the round robin feature?

Hi @rachael.hopkins,

I reached out to the Schedules product team who have been working this year to update schedules to modern calendar standards to support other use cases like external calendar events, e.g. out of office and unavailability.

This feature is on the roadmap (your comment was added to the request) and although it was not committed this year, it will be addressed as a priority in the next term.

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