Optimize your services with the new the Service Profile: Early Access program

Do you want richer context in PagerDuty on your Services? The Service Profile is a new way to interact with your technical services in PagerDuty. It will connect service owners to a full story of what’s been happening on their service, help everyone respond to incidents with the information they need, and better align teams to their technical services as they prepare to go on-call. The beta period for this feature is open now; become an early adopter by signing up today.


What’s New?

  • Take immediate action with short cuts to business-impacting incidents, ongoing maintenance windows, and the latest incidents.
  • Empower your teams to take ownership of their services and improve response with a consolidated view of settings and faster editing.
  • Optimize context of your services to reduce friction during major incident response with runbooks, communications channels, and visibility of team owners.
  • Get ahead of emerging problems by viewing a feed of recently suppressed alerts that haven’t become critical yet.
  • Learn from business-impacting incidents with easy access to creating postmortems.

If you’d like to opt-in to early access, use this form.


Looks so awesome! Please pass my congrats to the team, I’ll see when I can get Okta folks on it. Nice work @lilia @Claire and crew.


@dshack-alum, let us know if you want us to add your Okta org to Early Access :grin: