On PagerDuty side, how to know if a user linked his/her account to Slack?


I would like to know if a PagerDuty account is linked to a Slack account. How to check this on PagerDuty side (as a global admin, or any user) ?


IIRC, it will show up on the user’s profile.

Hi Sebastien,

It should be visible on the User Settings Tab.

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OK thanks, I’m able to see it on my own account.
Field name: Linked Accounts

I checked the User Settings tab for other users but can’t see it (but I know they are).
What is the required permission to see linked accounts?
NB: I’m account owner, I would like this info available for everyone or at least admins.

I also check via the API, and can’t find this info on my account.

Hi Sebastian,

I hope you don’t mind me jumping in for Chiedu here. We do not currently have the ability for the Account Owner, or any other user, to see what accounts a user is connected to. I think it’s a worthwhile idea and have entered a feature request around this with our product team.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do.


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