On-call handoff notifications on a per schedule basis

Our folk are generally on multiple schedules. For example, individual 8-5 ones that everyone is on during work hours so we all get alerted if a server catches fire and a separate one for evenings when only one person is on-call on a rota.

We would like to be able to turn on handoff notifications on a per schedule basis. That way, we can be alerted for the out-of-hours on-call schedule for the occasional times it is our turn on that but not get a notification at 8 am every morning for the daily schedule.



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we have a similar setup for our schedules and would very much appreciate to see this feature happen, so +1 from us!

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Thanks everyone - we have shared this feedback with the product team.


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Are there any updates on this feature request? :point_up_2:

This would make so much sense for us, too. Looking forward to this feature!