oAuth is tricksy

So I was able to create an account on here after some bug got squashed. Now that I’m logged in, I can’t get to my regular PagerDuty dashboard. This is unfortunate because I am current on call. I logged out entirely, logged back into PagerDuty and I am still getting redirected only to this community.

(Edit: I am able to get into my vanilla dashboard on another browser, but keep getting redirected with my main browser. Somehow my session must be fixed in my Chrome session)

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We’re working on this right now – just wanted to let you know. I’ll be back with an update in a few minutes.

We can’t reproduce this on our end, but we’ll keep trying to find the root cause. In the interim, you can clear the cookies from just the past hour, this should remove your Discourse cookie that causes you to be taken back to the Community site (see screenshot above).

We’ll keep working on this – please let us know if this works.

I have the same issue… Clearing cookies allows me to re-login to regular PD. Re-logging into community reproduces.

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Our team is working on this as we speak and we will continue doing so until we know the root cause and fix it.

Being Admin here, I can manually log out anyone from Discourse and expect that to help with the issue until you log in again.

You can also try the Discourse “log out” function – which you can get to by clicking on your avatar/portrait. Knowing whether that helps will allow us to better understand the problem.

I will continue updating this thread until the issue is resolved.

If you don’t want to obliterate your browsing data, you can use the link below as a workaround while we continue working on this issue.


Where <subdomain> is replaced by your actual subdomain.

I have found that in cases like these (not just PD, this comes in handy if you need to Admin more than one AWS login), using Incognito mode for siteA and ‘regular’ mode for siteB (in this case, Incognito for the community and ‘regular’ for the pagerduty account) has saved what little hair I have left.