Notification alert when schedules change

I want to be notified whenever a schedule change is made in pagerduty. This should be configurable on a global level (i.e. when any change is made) or on a user level (i.e. when only my shift changes). Our schedules experience frequent overrides, often without the knowledge of the person who is affected by the override.

Hi Marshall,

I’m on the Product team at PagerDuty. Thank you for the request! We’ve heard this problem from other customers as well and have already started exploring ways to address it. If you could reply with either your PagerDuty login email or your subdomain, I can reach out to you when we have updates in this area.

Thank you!

Hi, @katie. Was wondering if this is still on the road map. We just started using PD and one of the managers is requesting this feature.



This feature is being raised internally and will be considered by the Product Team.