Notes field in the REST API?


I am wanting to pull out some PagerDuty info from the REST API, and for the most part this is working great. However, it seems I’m not able to pull back the ‘Notes’ field, in which we use to put a short summary of the root cause. It would be great to pull back this field as part of the API response (or another call). It seems it’s possible in API v1, but this has been decommissioned so it’s not a goer.

Any thoughts on how I can pull back this field?


Hi James,

You are correct in that notes are not currently provided in the responses when listing or Getting incidents with the v2 REST API. We do have an endpoint, linked below, which can be used for Getting notes on a specific incident though:

List notes for an incident

You can additionally get notes by using the List log entries for an incident endpoint and referring to log entries with the type: annotate_log_entry

I hope this helps!