No incident was triggered in PagerDuty, what might have happened?

Check if someone was on call

  • Make sure there’s someone or a schedule on your escalation policy.
  • Make sure there are no gaps in your on-call schedule for the escalation policy. An incident will not trigger if the escalation policy wants to notify the person who is on-call during that tier of the escalation policy, but there’s a gap in the schedule.

Check if your service was disabled or in maintenance mode

  • Incidents will not be created and therefore no incidents will trigger if a service is placed in these two modes.

Check your email integration filters

  • Make sure you don’t have filters preventing you from receiving email notifications.

Check your email management rules

  • These management rules dictate how emails create new incidents, thus if it’s set to “open a new alert only if an open incident does not already exist” or “open and resolve alerts based on custom rules” then the incident will not trigger since it was most likely appended to a current existing incident.

If this all checks out, please contact our support team so we can help determine why no incident was triggered.