New Webhook Request

Hey Just wanted to document a few Webhooks I’ve noticed are missing related to incidents, that would be useful.

  1. Status Update
  2. Priority Changed
  3. Postmortem Created
  4. Response Play Run

Thanks for your feedback!

I’ll submit a feature request for this on your behalf. In future, feature requests or improvements are best routed to our Support team email address directly,

Hello, I’d also like to add to this. Could you also include when the Urgency changes.

Some detail on my use case: We are using the webhook to go to API Gateway > Lambda function > Microsoft Teams, and it appears there is no event in that came through in the logs for when the urgency of an incident changed from Low to High. We have it setup where low urgency events post to a separate channel from the high urgency channel, so when something is a warning and not critical, it may not be immediately looked at. When it reaches the threshold for critical, we would like to have that posted to the high-urgency channel like a new trigger would. Since there is no event published from the webhook on that urgency change, I can’t detect that currently and post to the channel.

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