New webhook for On Call rotation event

We’ve got a little bot that keeps track of who is on call so app engineers can keep track of this in a Slack room.

We’d love to have a PD webhook that fires when the on call schedule or escalation path rotates to a new engineer. This would allow our bot to be told there is someone new on call instead of having to poll if there is someone new on call. This is especially useful when we schedule overrides because out bot only checks who is on call at the regular shift change times.

Thank you,



Hi Tyler,

That’s great feedback. We’ll pass it along to our Product Team.

This project might be helpful in the meantime, too

Hi Tyler,
We also track who is on-call internally and update a Slack room topic. We are polling as well since our teams have various times that they start their shifts, and overrides can happen at random. Like Anton, I’ll point out another project for inspiration Hope that helps!

Hello Anton,

Did this request make it on to the backlog with the Product Team?

If yes, is there any update re: timeline that can be shared?


Hi Tyler, no updates to share at this time.