New UX Enhancements

Do you eat, sleep, live in the PagerDuty webapp? We’re looking for customers who want to help us make their experiences better. We’re always trying to improve our products for our customers and giving you early access to our new features and solutions will let you tell us what we’re doing right and what you think is more important.

We get it… Incident management is a “What’s happening right now” process. Accurately presenting and updating data in our PD web-based application is essential to you, our customers, during an incident. Currently, we are in the process of rolling out a new user experience for our customers that will improve the experience using our product on the web. So if your days, and sometimes nights, are spent hunting down clues to your incidents in the PagerDuty web app sign up and we’ll get you into something new.

So, what will early access get me and what are you going ask me to do? Everything and at the same time Really nothing, other then answering a few questions. Try using the newly designed pages and give us your honest feedback. We’re working to make things better for you, our customers, so the more honest you are the more it helps us help you.

Interested in trying it out? Click here to get Started!


Thanks to everyone who participated in our early access program. Since our new experience was so warmly received we’ve decided to enable the enhanced Incident Details experience on all PagerDuty accounts. To try out the new experience go to any Incident Details page and check the “Try Something New” box in the footer. Here’s some of the new features…

Data Liveness: Now, with on-the-fly dynamic content updates that work synchronously with users as they change their views and focus, you can see real-time information such as incident status without needing to rescan or refresh the page.

Overview Bar: At the top of the incident details page, a new overview bar helps you immediately understand the current status, see how long your team’s been working on an issue, and more.

Button Bar: Key action buttons are now sticky on the page and consistent in their presentation and location, so you can take action faster.

Responders and Notes Module: A new module now shows who’s working the problem, so you can see the details of a problem and help others at the same time.

Also, We understand that large tables of data are hard to navigate and comprehend without giving the ability to modify and focus on the data in a way that makes sense to your situation. Leveraging the functionality built into our newly improved tables will introduce several, table stakes level, tools for data presentation. Industry standard tools such as Filtering, sorting, search and view customization are the way we’ll achieve that.

Again, all you have to do now is open the PagerDuty webapp and navigate to an Incident Details page. We’ve enabled these new features to all active PagerDuty accounts and click the “Try Something new!” box in the footer.