New to PagerDuty. Question on raising incidents based on event NOT received by a certain time

Hi all,

I’m new to PagerDuty and have a basic question and I haven’t been able to find a good answer. We have a legacy, on-premise ETL tool (Informatica PowerCenter) that runs a set of nightly load jobs to our data warehouse. For simplicity, let’s say that I have 4 ‘gates’ that I expect to complete at specific times in the evening. For example, if gate2 doesn’t happen by 10:30pm EDT, I know I have a problem and would like to be alerted.

Is it possible to set up an incident to be triggered in PD based on an event NOT received by a certain time rather than triggered by an event received?

The only timeout based logic I’m finding pertains to escalations after an incident is triggered and I’m interested in triggering the incident itself based on a timeout scenario.


Hello Nowell,

I’m not part of PagerDuty support, but your question AFAIU is related to a monitoring tool. For example, I often set a GCP alert policy (Datadog named it a monitor) with a condition that a Cloud Function must run at least once per hour.

Search “is absent” on:


So create your monitoring metric for gate2 execution and set your monitoring tool to send an event (monitoring event) to PagerDuty according to your concerns.

Hope this helps.

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