New Feature: App Event Transformers!!!

Hello PagerDuty Developers!!

We’re excited to shine a spotlight on a new feature in the PagerDuty Developer Mode–App Event Transformers!

With App Event Transformers we improved on the idea of Custom Event Transformers, where you could write a small amount of JavaScript code to map fields of an incoming webhook object to a PagerDuty Event object. One of the biggest limitations of these Custom Event Transformers was the inability to package and deploy them for others to use. You had to write a new one for each service you wanted to integrate with.

Now, with App Event Transformers you can package and deploy a Transformer to the PagerDuty Integrations Directory so other PagerDuty users discover and install it on their accounts.

For more information checkout the Writing App Event Transformers doc in our Developer Documentation. This will help you find the in-browser editor and turn the Transformer feature on.

To get an example of how to write transformer code, take a look at the PagerDuty App Event Transformer Sample project on GitHub. This project shows how you would build an Event Transformer to create PagerDuty incidents whenever a new issue on a GitHub project is opened. We show you how to setup a Transformer in PagerDuty, how to generate webhooks in GitHub, and most importantly, show the code for transforming those webhooks into PagerDuty Events.

Check out those resources and post any comments or questions below!

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Where is the sample github code? The link just points to the developer doc again.

Here it is:

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Thanks for the heads up, @moshe.hyzon! And, sorry for the confusion. I’ve updated the link in the original post. Also, thank you for posting the link @dmcclure!