New Episode: Platform Engineering With Abby Bangser

Platform Engineering. You’ve probably heard it mentioned, maybe discussed if your team would benefit from it. What is platform engineering, and why are organizations looking for solutions? This week we talk with Abby Bangser, Principal Engineer at Syntasso and lead of the Platforms Working Group for CNCF to learn more.

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Abby is a Principal Engineer at Syntasso delivering Kratix, an open-source cloud-native framework for building internal platforms on Kubernetes. Her keen interest in supporting internal development comes from over a decade of experience in consulting and product delivery roles across platform, site reliability, and quality engineering.

Abby is an international keynote speaker, Team Topologies Advocate, and co-host of the #CoffeeOps London meetup. Outside of work, Abby spoils her pup Zino and enjoys playing team sports.

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