New Episode: Continuous Learning With Matt Davis

This week we talk to Matt Davis about how leaders can build a culture of learning in modern organizations. Leaders foster continuous learning opportunities for teams and help employees cope with environments where change is constant.

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Matt Davis is a musician that finds himself in the cyclone of managing socio-technical systems in a fast-paced digital world. He has recently led the transformation of Incident Management and Resilience Engineering practices at multiple organizations. His practitioner research on improvisation and team collaboration has led to the development of a Practice of Practice technique that opens opportunities for group learning. Connect with him on the Fediverse at, keep up with his progress on teamwork at, or subscribe at

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running software in production successfully, focusing on practices to enhance system reliability and support teams. In this episode, Mandi interviews Matt Davis, who shares his extensive experience in resilience engineering and continuous learning. They discuss the importance of continuous learning, dispel myths surrounding it, and emphasize its role in fostering collaboration and empathy across teams. Matt’s analogy of using music to explain complex systems adds a unique perspective to the conversation, making the episode engaging and thought-provoking for listeners interested in improving their approach to system reliability and learning in tech environments.