New Episode: Building Trust in Security Reporting With Breanne Boland

Spotting a security issue, or even thinking you may have caused one can be nerve-wracking, and the last thing anyone wants is to accidentally create noise for another team. Getting to know your security team can help make it all a little less scary. Breanne Boland, Product Security Engineer at Gusto, joins us to talk all things security alerting and the steps to create a culture where others feel at ease reporting security concerns.

:studio_microphone: Listen now: Building Trust in Security Reporting With Breanne Boland

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Breanne Boland is a product security engineer at Gusto. Before moving into security, she was a site reliability engineer and an infrastructure engineer, working in healthcare and govtech. Prior to that, she was a professional writer, and she still considers finishing the docs the real sign that the work is done. She writes fiction and zines, embroiders, and pets cats whenever she can. She lives in Brooklyn.