New 3rd party site called by the community page


For the the past few days we just get a blank page when trying to access this community site from work.
Upon closer inspection we have seen it calls which is getting blocked by our proxy under the reason… Site is not yet categorized so does not conform to our company Internet policy.
Can you please advise? I’d also be interested to hear if it is affecting other customers with strict Internet policies.
p.s. I am posting this via my personal device which is not on the company network.


Hi Chris,

We have reached out to our team and they informed us that this is due to an internal Antivirus/Firewall or security policy regarding your work place’s settings.

We advise for you to reach out internally to your security team and ask if they can look into this.

Abbott Brannon
PagerDuty Support

Hi Abbott,

I know what we have to do to overcome this issue, but my questions really are:
Has this 3rd party site suddenly be introduced? Because up until last week we were able to load the Community site no problem.
What is the purpose of this 3rd party site? As it is a question I could be asked by our firewall/AV team.


Hey Chris,

We confirmed with our team internally and we have not made any recent changes on our end. The 3rd party site has been in place since May 2020. We hope this helps!

If you would like for us to review this further, please feel free to reach out to our support team at



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Thanks Nadia, I shall take this up with the relevant teams at my end then to find out what they’ve changed!


Hello Chris,

Yes, please do check with the relevant Team internal to you.

Kind regards,