Need webhook or extension which can be set up upon filter type incident reference

Need webhook or extension which can be set up upon filter type incident reference. currently only service or account reference can be given to a webhook or extension.

Hey Ardash,

Thanks for reaching out to Community! Can you expand on what you are looking for on this , or if its more specific to a Service/action you have seen on your account please do reach out directly to our support team on and share some links/screenshots ect for what you are looking for.


currently we can setup webhook/extension on a service i.e if an incident under that service is updated then we get notified.

I want to setup webhook/Extension on an incident i.e. when that particular incident get updated we should be notified.

Hi Ardash,

Thanks for sharing. Webhooks don’t currently have an update -

But can you clarify what you mean by notification here, are you looking for the trigger on the integrations side to be updated to Ack/Resolve ect or do you mean notified via phone/sms?


It sounds like you want control over which incidents have webhooks sent, instead of the default today where a webhook is sent of all incidents.

@jodonnell by update I mean when an incident is acknowledged, resolved, escalated, etc and
by notification, I mean default webhook execution to endpoint URL.

@dmcclure yes I want to control my webhook execution with an incident not with service.
for example, consider I have a Service_A under which there are three incidents

and I want to apply webhook to Incident_2 only. In that case, my webhook should get triggered /Executed only when Incident_2 gets acknowledged, resolved, escalated, etc…

webhook should not get triggered/Executed when Incident_1 or Incident_3 get acknowledged, resolved, escalated, etc

Thanks Adrash.

At this time we cannot support the customisation in the way you have explained. This would be a feature suggestion instead, that I can forward to our team to let them know what you are looking for.

Sorry we arent able to support this right now - but we appreciate you taking the time to explain and share!