Nagios cant connect to pagerduty

Hi, Im Thuan from VietNam

I have some problems

My pagerduty can not connect to nagios

I saw “the service state imformation must (Has been acknowledged)” and my nagios cant

I tried to check it again and again

I tried command

sudo -u nagios /usr/share/pdagent-integrations/bin/pd-nagios -n service -k YOUR-INTEGRATION-KEY-HERE -t “PROBLEM” -f SERVICEDESC=“test_description” -f SERVICESTATE=“CRITICAL” -f HOSTNAME=“test_host_name” -f SERVICEOUTPUT=“test_service_output”

It was successful

My email has received the notification

When I turn off a service, no notifications are sent

Where do I have to start error checking

Hope to hear from you soon


I think you need to check the usage of the -t flag, which should be either “trigger”, “acknowledge”, or “resolve”.