Multiple Services in Webhook v3

Hello Team,
Current Webhooks v3 provides with an option to choose between all the incidents of a particular service or particular Team. is it possible to choose to stream from incident from multiple services / multiple teams?
we are looking to get all the incidents occurring in all services of all the teams using a webhook

Hi Sampras,

Thank you for reaching out to PagerDuty Customer Support!

V3 webhooks are presently scoped out to a team, a service, or an account. You can create a global/account-wide webhook to grab all events happening on your account, and filter just incidents on the webhook handler.

Please let me know if this would fulfill your use case.

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Can you please tell me how to create a global webhook? When I go to integrations --> Generic Webhooks (v3) --> New Webhook, it won’t allow me to create webhook without providing SCOPE.

I’m trying to send all events for ALL Services to datadog. This was possible in V2