Multiple Schedules in Global Event Rules

The At these times section in the Global Event Rules gives the ability to define a Schedule when you want the rule to take effect, but it only allows for a single entry which means you can only define one time window.

In my current use case it doesn’t pose a problem as I need to define “daytime” as Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:00 as High-Urgency and all other times are “out of hours” Low-Urgency, so I can do the first rule as a Recurring Schedule for those days & times then have the next rule with the same event conditions …meaning it will drop through the scheduled rule if out of those times - I realise I can also achieve the same result using Support Hours on the Service.

But I was thinking that if I needed to define multiple Schedules for a particular rule I am unable to do this without duplicating the rule a number of times. I can’t even combine Global Event Rules and Service Support Hours, as the Service settings take precedence over the Global ones.


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Hi Chris,

You are correct. We currently only have one schedule setup in each Global Event Rule. I can understand how this would impact you if you needed to schedule this for different days/times and needed multiple options to do so.

I’ve submitted a Feature Request for this item to our product team.

Thanks for the feedback.


Abbott Brannon
Tech Support Specialist

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I think it’s like my FR:

You may “vote for it”. :wink: