Move incident between Services breaks auto resolve

Hello everyone,

our Zabbix–>Pagerduty integration is not properly working: when we move Incidents (and alerts) from the Service “A” to the Service “B” we have issues in auto-resolve, the alerts are not resolve via API. It’s because the move between services? If not, how can I troubleshoot this behavior? Dedup_key is consistent between trigger and resolve.

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Hello Gianmarco,

If you move the Alert to a different service the incoming resolve alert would still be send to the original service so you would not see the resolve take place. However if this doesnt sound right, please do share examples directly with and our support team can dig deeper into this one.

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I put in a feature request a while back that would resolve this. If an incoming resolve alert to a global API key has a dedupe key that matches an incident, it should resolve it regardless of service.

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back from summer holidays, sorry for late reply.

@jodonnell we designed our Pagerduty with scenario where an incident is moved between services, tha lack of API resolution is an issue and we will review our framework. It would be great if the resolve API call match the Incident regardless of the Service, based only on dedup_key (as described by @KevinLundy)