More tips on Slack integrations via REST API / Terraform

Is there any update on the process described in /forum/t/access-token-used-for-service-extension-no-longer-accessible-from-rest-api/1674 ?

The last message from @geeth is from a month ago, about doing internal reviews about how the Slack V2 integration works when we programmatically create the integration using the REST API and a personal access token.

Also, visiting the personal access token generation page is very scary. It is littered with warnings about how this is not the right way to go about things and that they will even prevent the generation of new API keys after May.

Is it possible to use bot_access_token with the xoxs keys that are generated by following @pdecat steps from the original post?

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Hi Joshua,

We don’t have new updates available at this time. We would definitely prefer to avoid using personal access tokens though we were hoping this workaround would have sufficed the need for an OAuth token.

The ability to automate authorization via OAuth extensions is not supported via the REST API and we’re continuing to document the needs of our users to our Product team.

We’ll be sure to update the Community Post with any solutions that become available.