Monthly on-call options

My team operates in a fairly tricky way of working but I think highlights a big limitation in PD scheduling. I’m hoping to be able to build schedules for my team that follow the model in the screen shot.


I can think of a couple creative ways to do this.

  1. Allow options for days in a 4 week spread. Example 3rd monday or 2nd tuesday
  2. Would be to allow us to set a fully custom on shift schedule at the user level.

Since my team doesn’t operate as on-calls but more as on-shift fielding incidents as a 24/7 team it’s important we’re able to have maximum flexibility in scheduling and the current limitation of weekly at most limits our ability to leverage the product for our team.

Hi TJ. PagerDuty definitely doesn’t support anything like what you’ve described.

You can do a four-week duration, but only with the same on-call days each week. That is setup using the “custom” rotation type: