Monitoring API rate limiting


Is it possible to somehow see if our API requests got throttled, beside the response code?
Especially great if we could see amount of requests per integration key we’ve made somewhere on PagerDuty side.

Hi Artem,

We don’t currently have this ability. Throttling can depend on the API –
Events - 120/min/integration key (60 for email integrations). Enforced at the per-integration-key level.

REST API - up to 2,000/min per key
Incident Create API is heavily rate limited - 1 event/second. Rate limit is intended for “human speed”

Global Routing - 120/min/integration key

Our rate limits are subject to change but we cannot make individual exceptions for them. We don’t currently have a way to see the amount of requests in PagerDuty. I have submitted a Feature Request for this item on your behalf.


Abbott Brannon

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