Missing the log entries for latest updates made


I am trying to get log entries after performing some steps on incident. The steps are as follows:

  1. Create incident
  2. Add Status Update
  3. Add Notes
  4. Add Status Update
  5. Add Notes
  6. Update title and priority

All this is performed through api.
Now, if I try to get the log entries immediately after these steps, through api by using a different user, the first log entry I am getting is of the last note that was added, that is step no. 5. Where as, it should be of the update step.
As per my knowledge, log entries are in decreasing order of their creation date. Is it not the case? Are we getting the log entries in random or some other order? Or is there any delay time here, and because I am reading the log entries immediately after the update, I can’t get the update log entry as update is not yet reflected due to the delay.

Also, the api I am using to fetch log entries:


Here start time is the time before the incident was created.

Hi Khyati,

While the API References do not indicate that the log entries are displayed from newest to oldest, I am seeing that the logs are displayed in that way.

I tried to make the same changes in the web and review how the log entries appeared in the REST API across multiple users and the global token and they all appeared to be displayed in the same order.

Is this occurring consistently? Does it occur for any user and when the updates are made through the web in addition to the REST API?


No, this doesn’t occur consistently, but often. And I tried to get this issue multiple times by updating through the web, but it didn’t occur. So, it seems to occur through REST API. And, I have only tried for one user, and for that user, this issue occurs.

Hey Khyati,

I’ve tried this a few ways with the REST API and gathering the details both from https://api.pagerduty.com/log_entries?time_zone=UTC&is_overview=false and https://api.pagerduty.com/incidents/{ID}/log_entries?time_zone=UTC&is_overview=false using a personal REST API token compared to the global API Access token and they were consistently providing the same results.

There shouldn’t be a delay in adding this information either. If this is consistently occurring with a particular user, would you be able to write in to support@pagerduty.com? We would be happy to look into this further using your specific examples.

We’ll need the source of the REST API tokens, last four characters of the REST API token, the requests being made, the timestamp the requests were made and the response you’re receiving for each request.