Missing SMS notification upon incident assignment

Somewhere between 10/10 and 10/14, one of my duty managers stopped getting SMS notifications despite his profile looking correct and his always being “on duty”. For example, incident #47605314 within domain ibm.pagerduty.com. Three people were on duty. Looking at the incident timeline, I see Nick and Kathleen being notified according to each of the methods in their profile. Robert gets an e-mail and phone call, but not the SMS in his profile. This same problem is repeated again when the indicated is “acknowledged” when he should get e-mail and SMS, but only gets the e-mail. This problem started somewhere between 10/10 and 10/14 as incidents on 10/10 and prior did result in Robert getting an SMS. Any thoughts? Thank you!

Hi Kevin, thanks for posting about this. I recommend sending an email with this information in to support@pagerduty.com. The most helpful information for us to diagnose the issue would be that incident number (which you already have) and a more recent example where the notifications did not go out. Some logs will expire if too much time has passed, so in general we’re looking for examples from the last 48 hours. We would also be able to escalate this to our provider, if it is an issue with the SMS delivery.


Annette Fuller (she/her)
Technical Support Specialist

OK - will contact support@pagerduty.com - thank you!