Microsoft Teams Integration

I’m looking into this integration as a way of sharing information between the 2 products and ultimately updating PagerDuty incidents with inputs from MS Teams. Unfortunately at my company we have to jump through hoops to get anything sanctioned and we’re currently going through our Design Assurance Process for approval to install the PD app into MS Teams, so I haven’t been able to get my hands on it yet.

I have the below questions that I’d appeciate feedback on:

  1. From the PD-MS Teams integration guide I note that responders must link their PagerDuty and Microsoft Teams user accounts. So I am assuming for a user to update an Incident they must have the requisite privileges in PD - the reason I ask this is that if the Incident is linked to an existing MS Channel that contains some users that aren’t in PD, then I guess they will not be able to perform updates on the Incident.

  2. Can screenshots that have been pasted into a Teams Channel be shared in the PD incident?

  3. Is there a way of publishing the Channel attendee information in the PD incident? e.g. who was actually on the MS Teams Channel, as a method of trapping “active” Responder metrics in PD, over and above when they’ve accepted/acknowledged an Incident.


Hello Chris,

To your questions –

  • Correct, these users must be apart of Pagerduty and in the MS teams account to be able to take action on an incident. How its done is documented here.

  • Not at this time. But I will share a feature request to our product team on your behalf.

  • No this is not something we offer, but again thanks for sharing the idea and I will create a feature update suggestion for you and pass it along to our product team.


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Hi John,

Thanks very much for your replies - I will share these with my team/management. I had already read the documentation, but it is good to get clarification.

Is there a way of tracking or being kept up to date with any submitted feature requests?


Hey Chris,

No way to track externally but following up here or with our support team and quoting the Community ticket will allow us to connect the two and pass on an update if we have one.