Markdown support in Services description

Hello, it would be great to have simple Markdown, HTML or BB support for services descriptions and maybe for all description fields in general.

Documentation for the service allows only one item, but sometimes you have:

  • Dashboard
  • Runbook
  • Additional insctructions
  • etc.

in the description. Atm it seems it detects links automatically, but it would be great to have a support of MD link syntax, lists and linebreaks at least.

BR, A. Korolev.

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Hi Aleksandr,

Thanks for reaching out!

We don’t currently support what you’re describing, but if you email us at I’d be happy to file a feature request with our Product Team on your behalf. Feel free to reference this post’s URL or ticket #337587 if you do so.

Please let me know if this is helpful or you have additional questions.


Alex Engelmann
Technical Support Specialist