Managing holidays

Is using the override in a schedule seriously the only way to handle holidays? That’s utterly appalling.
The override facility is very poor indeed as it has no capability to handle shifts.
The only other option appeared to be create a new layer with the override shift defined and then remember to delete the layer after that.
I do find it astonishing that what otherwise is a good application has no sensible means to handle holidays or sickness - seems like an incredibly fundamental thing handling on-call schedules.

There simply must be better ways to handle this that the useless override - for a start it is likely that users will swap their shift with another, and not just have their shift overriden.

Beyond that, if there was a good way of handling holidays - then PagerDuty could be linked in with a company’s holiday system so that holes in a schedule could be easily seen.


Hi Edward,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this and providing your feedback on holiday scheduling.

I definitely hear you with your frustration on creating holiday shifts. I can see how it can be a pain with scheduling and organizing for your teammates. While this along with your workaround, this is the only way holiday scheduling can be done.

I’ll be sharing your feedback with our product team, they are always working to improve the product for our customers to provide the best experience. I appreciate your detailed feedback on this. I’ll report this as a feature request for our team on improving the product.

If you have any further thoughts on this at all, please let us know.

Thank you Ashley.
I eventually stumbled on the new on-call calendar in which when you over-ride it will work out the shifts for you.
This is an improvement and helps to make overriding practical, but obviously is only a work around and is flawed; it requires that the user does it themselves, (i.e. the manager can not organise with it for the users) and also it looks to have a bug, in that I tested with a week, but it only covered 4 shifts (over 2 schedules).

Hi Edward,

I feel you. We are facing a similar issue regarding well known scheduling “issues” like holidays and I’ve filed a Feature Request a while back ->

Feel free to chime in if this feature would help you too :smiley:

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Hi Edward,

Thank you for bringing up that issue to our attention.

We would be happy to investigate this issue further with the team. Would you mind emailing us at with those details if you need further assistance?