Manage Rules in Different Rulesets via the API


Following on from the implementation of the Rulesets feature documented here, I was looking to manage their rules via the API.

Originally, I used the Global Event Rules API in order to interact with the rules under the default ruleset via the API. However, this endpoint/documentation doesn’t seem to have updated to extend API functionality to other non-Global rulesets.

I would expect the same level of API functionaly across any given ruleset, Global or otherwise. An example screenshot of the rulesets view I’m referring to can be seen attached.

Raised this in conjunction with a support ticket, thanks.


Hi @RD,

The API to interact with all Global Rulesets is coming very soon! We are currently testing it out to make sure that it is ready for General Release. More to come!


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Hi @SeanNoble,

That’s great news, been really looking forward to it! Had raised a separate support ticket but they didn’t seem privy to the same info.

On a somewhat related note, would you happen to know if a rule can be moved to the top or bottom of the default ruleset via the API, much like from the rule’s dropdown menu (screenshot attached)? Our set up is based heavily on API interactivity so reordering rules have been a bit of a pain point with Global Event Rules API, in stark contrast to PagerDuty’s usually marvelous REST API.