Maintainers of go-pagerduty?

As a follow-up to this discussion from a couple of years ago, have some plans been hatched to properly support go-pagerduty?

I’m looking for a way to connect with the maintainers and to get my PR reviewed. Thanks for any insights.

Hey Eron,

Can you clarify what you mean by “get my PR reviewed?” Not quite sure what you’re referring to, but if you provide more context, happy to point you in the right direction.

I observe that there’s quite a few good pull requests open in the go-pagerduty repository, to address bugs and to support new features of the PagerDuty API. I opened one such PR, to support the event orchestration API.

I’m seeking information on who are the maintainers of go-pagerduty.

Hey Eron,

  • First: thanks so much for making that PR!
  • Second: we should have a better response to you on our PR process. We don’t yet, but I just talked to our engineering teams and they’re working on that right now
  • Third: in the interim we’ve created (with their enthusiastic approval) a jira ticket in our systems to review your PR and their eyes are on it.

So, tldr, we’re working on a process to get PRs the attention they deserve regularly. It needed and deserved. For right now, we’ve injected the PR you highlighted right into our own system and will be looking at it.

Thanks for making noise on this one. And, while we get a better system sorted out, please make noise on these PRs whenever needed.


Ethan Skowronski-Lutz
Technical Support Engineer

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Any progress on this request? Thanks.