Logging in requires a working web browser installed on this device

If you have an android but receiving the message “Logging in requires a working web browser installed on this device” Here is the solution if you do NOT have a work profile phone

We have found on some Android phones for some manufacturers if more than one browser is installed, the PagerDuty Android application does not detect the Chrome browser (even if installed and marked as default).
• Uninstall all browser apps from Android phone
• Only install Chrome browser
• Restart phone (may not be necessary, but try if still not working)
• Launch the PagerDuty application, which will now open Chrome to login to PagerDuty
• Afterwards, other browser apps can be installed, and PagerDuty will keep working
• Let me know how you go and if you still experience issues after following the above steps.

I didn’t have to restart the phone nor the app after I uninstalled my other web browsers. I hope this helps someone later on.