Live Call Routing with Multiple Phones

My company uses Live Call Routing for support call handling.
I have 2 phone numbers (mobile + landline) configured in my PagerDuty Profile.
My mobile might not be on / have battery / have signal when I’m called, but is more likely to wake me up, if it IS online.
So I want it to try calling my mobile, then fall back to my landline if it can’t reach the mobile.

I’ve configured my Notification settings to reflect that, but LCR doesn’t seem to honour that. Is this possible or is it just not supported?

Hello Mike,

The Live Call Routing Notification doesn’t follow your Notification Rules. All that is required is that you have a number configured in your profile. PagerDuty only call the first number listed on your Contact Information tab. It will not go to a fall back number but call another person on the escalation policy.

You will find more details about this here.

Kind regards,