Live Call in number to a group

We use PagerDuty with a team of 4 and 1 supervisor (escalation if someone from the team doesn’t respond). We have a live call in number and have one person scheduled during the evening and on weekends. During the business day (8 to 5, M to F), they want something setup like a hunt group on a phone system. It rings one person’s cell phone so many times, if they don’t answer, then it rings the next person and so on until someone answers or it times out. This is for an emergency response team, so they want the caller to get a live person during the business day and not have them leave a message.

Is this possible in PagerDuty?

That is how our Live Call Routing feature works:

The workflow is as follows:

A caller calls the Live Call Routing number, the call will cycle through on-call responders one time until one responder answers the call, or until nobody answers and Live Call Routing has attempted to call every on-call user on the service, at which point the caller will be prompted to leave a voicemail which will trigger an incident with a URL to the recording. They won’t be prompted to leave a message if someone answers the call, but it will not rotate through the list of on-call users more than once.

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