Link Existing Pagerduty Account and Slack Account

Hello, I have Pagerduty users who have not been able to link thier Pagerduty and Slack accounts. No where in the user profile in user settings does this give the option. I’ve also tried to have them call /pd trigger in slack which sometimes prompts users to link their accounts but this is no longer working. What is the correct way to link accounts and can the slack integration guide be updated to reflect this? Thanks!

Hi Oliva,

When linking accounts you need to do this from Slack directly. Has the User tired @pagerduty in a Slack channel? This should be followed by a prompt to link the accounts.


typing @Pagerduty does not do anything. Is there a different command the user should be entering?

Hi Oliva,

It sounds like we need some more in depth troubleshooting here. Since this is a public forum, can you reach out to instead, If you can show us some screenshots from your Slack instance of trying commands and we can go from there.

Thanks - John