Labels for rules within a ruleset

As my global rulesets become more complicated, I’d really like the ability to give a name to each rule so I can know what it does without reading the details and trying to remember.


Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m afraid we don’t currently have the ability at this time to give global rulesets a name. I will forward your feedback to our Product team and appreciate you sharing this request!


I like David proposal. IMHO it will be good to have a description and some tags for any Event Rule (global or not)

With the description it will be easier to understand what we want to achieve. (eg: this rule aims to route RUM events for the website)
With the tags, we may automate some behavior. (eg: remove an Event Rule tagged as “test” after 10 days)

I also like to have audit trail records easily reachable for each event rule. Then I’m able to find who worked on it and maybe check why it’s there or …

Do I have to share all of these into a new Feature Request post?



Thanks Sébatien we appreciate the feedback and +1 to Davids post!

We have shared this with our product team so no need to record it again.

Kind regards,